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The #1 Market Research Tool For Custom Apparel

13,694,520 Campaigns · 7,021,088 Active · Added This Week

Find Profitable Ideas

Browse our huge and growing custom apparel database of 13,694,520 total and 7,021,088 active campaigns and find highly profitable ideas.

Find profitable custom appearal ideas
Spy on your competition

Spy On Your Competition

See which shirts your competitors are launching in almost real time. Find their ads and audiences. Our engine scans all product images using Optical Character Recognition allowing you to search for text inside images.

Grow Your Business

Instant market data lets you launch more successful shirts faster, meaning more sales and profit.

Find profitable custom appearal ideas

Search & Find The Best Ideas

Aggregate Data & Compare Niches

Instant Email Alerts of Competition

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Custom apparel data at your fingertips!

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Top Marketers Use TeeGrasp

TeeGrasp is by far the Ferrari under the t-shirt research tools. Thanks to TeeGrasp I found new inspiration that I would not have found otherwise. This alone made me hundreds of sales. Not to mention all the sales my students are doing thanks to this amazing gem :)

- Luuk Olde Bijvank, TeeNinja

There are now many t-shirt campaign finding software solutions out there and I've tried them all. Put simply, TeeGrasp gives you more bang for your buck. Not only does TeeGrasp find shirts for you but it also presents data about the niche that are not available elsewhere. Giving you information on the top sellers just isn't enough anymore - with this you can see which months sell the best in the niche, the daily count, how many campaigns are running in the niche - lots of info. Heartily Recommended.

- Glyn Williams, Teespring Global Top 5 Seller

TeeGrasp is hands down the best t-shirt research software I've ever used. Before TeeGrasp, I had two VAs doing t-shirt research and used Pinterest, Teeview and various manual processes to find ideas. Now I just plug in a single search term and TeeGrasp gives me all the data I need. TeeGrasp has made t-shirt research easy, fast and totally painless.

- Derek Pankaew

When TeeGrasp first launched the first beta it was already light years ahead of all the other slow and annoying t-shirt research tools I tried. TeeGrasp is a finely crafted killer research tool that is easy to use and wicked fast. The design ideas I discovered in TeeGrasp have earned me thousands of dollars. If you're serious about selling custom apparel, TeeGrasp is a no brainer. You better start using it before your competition does.

- Dave Huss, Growth Scout

Never worry about inspiration, finding a niche, or knowing what will sell again. With TeeGrasp you have the opportunity to search, find, and analyze top performing T-campaigns. TeeGrasp is an essential tool that helps users in searching on the best performing tee campaigns online. It is an outstanding tool that helps us earn thousands selling t-shirts over the internet.

- Chedi.B, Small FB Tools

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