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DMCA / Takedown Notice

TeeGrasp does not solicit, encourage or engage in intellectual property infringement. TeeGrasp is a search engine and gathers all content from external sources, most of which is user generated content. This page contains information about our service and takedown procedure. Intellectual property infringement cases are dealt with with a top priority by our support team and you should usually receive a response within 1 working day.

TeeGraspBot (or TeeRaidBot) is our t-shirt and apparel finding software. It finds t-shirts and puts them into our database of custom apparel. Our database is also found on TeeRaid - our search engine for customers to find custom apparel to buy. Our bot crawls the internet to find publicly accessible information, data and files (known as content onwards), very similar to how Googlebot works.

The internet is a vary large place and we operate on a huge scale, crawling thousands of websites every single day. Sometimes we may index content found on other sources which breaches the intellectual property rights of copyright holders. Since our search engine and web crawler are fully automated, it is not possible to manually verify every piece of content for authenticity.

That being said, we comply with all copyright laws, actively work with those effected by intellectual property infringement and provide multiple methods for content to be removed from our search engine.

We want people to tell us when they are concerned with content that has been indexed by TeeGrasp from other sources and will work quickly in removing infringing content.

For Trademark Owners

If you are a trademark owner, or are acting on behalf of a trademark owner, please contact us at [email protected] with evidence that you have the rights for this trademark.

Your trademark will then be added to our blocked trademarks list. All content containing your trademark will be removed from search results and any future content containing your trademark will hidden too.

For Sellers

Sellers may use our removal tool to immediately and permanently remove their content/campaigns. This is the fastest way to remove your campaigns.

Sellers may make use of privacy options within the platform they are selling in. The privacy option usually informs search engines to disallow indexing of content, by use of the robots meta tag. TeeGrasp complies with the robots meta tag and as such, enabling this privacy option will hide your campaigns from our search results.


If you have any questions with regards to our takedown procedure, please contact us by email to [email protected].